Intertax (Probeabonnement - 2 Hefte)

Intertax (Probeabonnement - 2 Hefte)

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With comprehensive information on harmonization of taxation in the EC, implementation of EC tax... mehr
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With comprehensive information on harmonization of taxation in the EC, implementation of EC tax laws into national legislation, and EC and national tax cases. This established international tax journal offers detailed coverage of direct tax, indirect tax, and social security from both legal and economic angles, and provides 12 issues a year of practical, up-to-date, high-level international tax information. Coverage includes all aspects of transnational tax issues.

Intertax offers:

Contributions from a global network of tax experts

Articles with essential information on both direct and indirect taxation in countries around the world

Reports on multinational tax developments emanating from organizations such as GATT, OECD, the United Nations, and the EC

Concise overviews of the latest tax news in EC Tax Scene, US Tax Scene, and World Tax Scene

Special issues focusing on subjects of particular interest, such as abuse of law.

Tax attorneys, practitioners (litigation and transactional) in other areas where international tax issues are a concern, and academics will all appreciate Intertax's authoritative, reliable content and numerous useful features. EC Tax Review is available to Intertax subscribers only.

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