Single Common Market Organisation

Single Common Market Organisation

von Rudolf Moegele

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Rudolf Moegele / Friedrich Erlbacher


The Single Common Market Organisation Regulation (EC) 1234/2007 (sCMO) brings together in one single document more than 40 separate regulations governing the various agricultural market organisations in the European Union. By that the regulatory scope of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) becomes much simpler. Thanks to the Regulation a field of law, so far, in spite of its political and economic importance for Europe, very difficult to access, has become much clearer and transparent.
Pros at a glance:

  • Article-by-article commentary of the law concerning the common European Market organisation
  • Authored by inside experts
  • Focus on practical use


  • The Commentary follows the systematic of the Regulation
  • Introductory provisions Internal market
  • Trade with third countries
  • Competition rules
  • Specific provisions for individual sectors
  • General provisions
  • Implementing, transitional and final rules

Each Article is dealt with in the same structure: Purpose, historic development, scope, interpretation, implementing rules, jurisprudence and literature and further developments. The relevant topics relating to WTO are dealt with in one coherent article.

Dr Rudolf Moegele is Director the DG Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission.
Dr Friedrich Erlbacher is member of the Commission's Legal Service. Their co-authors hold various positions in the European Commission.

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