Harmonised Trade Mark Law in Europe

Harmonised Trade Mark Law in Europe

von Dr. Ulrich Hildebrandt

Case Law of the European Court of Justice
2. Auflage 2008
272 Seiten, kartoniert
Carl Heymanns Verlag

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Precise quotations and convincing arguments This innovative tool provides fast and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Harmonised Trade Mark Law in Europe"

Precise quotations and convincing arguments

This innovative tool provides fast and accurate information on ECJ decisions on Community trade mark law. Lawyers, specialised house counsels and judges can use it to quote precisely from case law and present convincing arguments with ECJ decisions, or get a reliable overview of the basic principles of this law.

Fast access to relevant ECJ case law

Users will find case law on a certain problem at a glance - like in a commentary on the Trademark Law Directive. Thanks to cross references and allocation tables ECJ case law can be comfortably related to provisions of the Community Trade Mark Regulation and to the national trade mark acts of all member states implementing the Directive.

German and English edition: even better together

Another advantage of this new book: In addition to the English version there exists an identical German version with identical margin numbering. For example, this enables a lawyer wanting to file an opposition to a Community trademark application to use the guide for German pleadings and correspondence like a specialised dictionary.


Dr. Ulrich Hildebrandt is lawyer in Berlin and lecturer at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf.

Reviews of the first edition:

"Hildebrandt has done an admirable job, and this book is a must-have for any trade mark practioner or student who needs a fast and reliable overview of all landmark decision of the ECJ."
Alexander Tsoutsanis, Laywer, in: IIC

"... Dr. Hildebrandt and his publishers are to be congratulated on producing what is sure to become a standard work of reference on European trade mark law."
Richard Arnold, QC, in: Journal of intellectual Property Law & Practice

"Although it is not a work of scholarship per se, it is unmistakably the work of scholar in its tidy, highly-organised presentation of key-information."
Jeremy, in: IPKat

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